If you never ask the question, ...

Today while checking in with my favorite psychic website, I was provided this message in one of the scopes.
If you never ask the question, then the answer is always “no.” If you don’t try, then the result is always failure. Sometimes you have to take a chance, make a choice, go for what you want.

I needed the reminder. One of my standard pieces of advice is the only stupid question is the one that never gets asked. Another practice I work with is evaluating what is truly the worst case scenario if a question is asked. I've found that many are afraid of the question because dire consequences will be the result. I've learned in my many years that the answer "No" is not the end of the world. I've learned that standing up against bosses and clients may result in being let go but I can find other work to provide for myself. The fear we face in asking questions is in appearing foolish or being cast out of the "tribe." It is a possibility but is rarely the outcome.