Our Services

Just as we are living in an ever more complex world, I have a multi-dimensional arena of services I offer to clients.

Initial Consultations
There is no charge for our first 25 minute sesssion. The soul advocacy work I perform is done in partnership with you. As in any kind of partnership, it is important that we can work with each other. This first call is to find out how well we may work together and to discuss what you are looking for. If I can provide the service you are looking for, the next step is to schedule an advocacy appointment and begin the work.

Soul Advocacy Appointment
I am a very practical person. Time seems to be moving faster and faster as the years go by. The advent of technology and instantaneous communication through the internet has provided an overload of information. Developments in transportation and communication have allowed more people to have easier access to us. With all of these conveniences we can easily become overwhelmed, overworked, stressed, irritable, unhappy, angry, depressed, etc. I've found the answer doesn't lie in changing the people and situations around us as much as it lies in our interpretations and reactions and responses to our thoughts and beliefs about the people and situations around us. I work with you to question the truth of your thoughts and beliefs in order to possibly change them to expose a deeper truth that will allow you to release the feelings of overwhelm, stress, anger, depression to create the opportunities to experience more joy, happiness, and closer relationships. You are in charge of how you experience your life. My goal is to help you learn how to take charge.

My Credentials
Courses in Marriage, Family and Children Therapy
CAPMC Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Advocate Training