2015 Challenge

Many years ago I met a restaurant owner. She held the belief that what happened on the 1st of the year would guide what happened in the rest of the year. So she made sure her restaurant was always opened on New Year's Day. That belief made more sense to me than the making of New Year resolutions that generally fall to the wayside within the first month. I practiced that belief for many years by having friends over for New Year's Day. The morning started with a home cooked breakfast of menudo and biscuits and gravy. The day was spent talking, laughing, drinking, and playing games. The evening concluded with a dinner.

In 2004 my life turned upside down when my ex-husband asked for a divorce. This New Year's Day practice was left behind. This year I was watching a rerun from an old television series and was surprised by seeing an example of that same practice. So much so that I decided it needed to be started again. Not by hosting an open house but to sit down in quiet contemplation and dream about what my life can look like over the next year. Dream without limits, without fears, without the long litany of how it isn't possible. Once I've found and can feel the vision of 2015 that sings to me in the center of my soul, it's time to decide on what steps I can take on New Year's Day to demonstrate my commitment to making the dream of 2015 come to life.

My challenge to those who choose to take up the gauntlet is
**** What does your dream for 2015 look and feel like? What are you doing today to show your commitment to making the dream come true?
**** Are you willing to be part of a community that will support and encourage community members to hold on to hope, hang in there for one more day, just take one more small step?

If you are interested in participating, please register on the site. Your blog will become your space to post your dream and your daily, weekly, monthly action steps when you are ready and feel the courage to be a little (okay, maybe a lot) vulnerable to a group of people you don't know. Ask for what you need from the community. Partner up with someone and be accountability buddies.

With love and compassion,