Ashley, Nevada, USA

Sue Wiseman has had such a significant impact on my life. Because of her mentoring, after only 10 weeks, I am much happier than I have been in years. Sue helped me go from feeling like a boring person who was stuck in a rut going nowhere, to being a fun, confident individual who is truly appreciating and enjoying life. Sue has helped me move through my fears, and into a world that is full of possibilities. When Sue first started mentoring me I had no confidence and was filled with fear. In fact, I was scared to drive anywhere by myself, especially on the freeway. I would be overcome with so much anxiety that I would literally get sick. As a thirty year old woman, this was embarrassing to me. By doing exercises that increased my confidence, after just eight weeks I flew by myself to a city I had never been to, rented a car, and drove in the unfamiliar city completely alone, and completely happy and fearless!

Through the different exercises Sue has presented me with, I have learned so much about myself. I have grown more than I ever thought possible. I appreciate that I can confide in Sue. I know that I can tell her anything without judgment or criticism. Sue asks me questions that allow me to dig deeper and see why I am making certain choices in my life. She has helped me to realize what I want out of life. Once I reached that realization, Sue also helped me to decide that I would not settle for less than what I want. I am now moving forward in the direction that will lead me to the life I want, the life I am now demanding. Instead of sitting at home, being miserable and spending way too much time on social networks, I am now out there living my life. I have new experiences all the time. My relationships with my husband and my children have improved significantly. I am so much happier with myself, and that impacts those around me.

My newfound confidence has already given me the courage to do things I had only dreamt of previously. I am excited for my future, and any success that I have is a direct result of Sue Wiseman’s mentoring.